Welcome to my website! I'm currently a rising junior at the University of Michigan double-majoring in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics with a vision of transforming the world through technology.


Transforming Lives

With past work experiences at Accenture, GreenLancer, Arizona State University, and more, I've worked in a variety of software development fields like full-stack development, machine learning, cloud computing (AWS, Azure)/infrastructure management, cybersecurity, quantitative finance, and operating systems. I'm interested in exploring the intersection between software and other fields like finance and healthcare to improve people's lives.

Outside of academics, I love degenerately gambling my money away in poker, working out, boxing, and cooking. Thank you for visiting my website, it's been a pleasure telling you a bit about myself. Feel free to poke around some more, and don't forget to reach out! :)


Experience and Skills

05/2024 - Current

Software Engineer Intern @ Accenture

● Incoming member of Avanade’s security and risk team focused on enhancing safeguards and mitigating sensitive data leaks

03/2021 - 09/2023

Machine Learning Intern @ ASU's Cascade Lab

● Leveraged Convolutional Neural Networks and deep learning to analyze 10k+ topologies (node layouts) of databases, optimizing a corrective algorithm that rates the strength of databases and infrastructures; Used by secure military facilities ● Spearheaded a research project that utilized the OPTICS Algorithm and MATLAB to collect, quantify, and process data of temperature differentials between 500+ FLIR images using pixels for New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery ● Produced an efficient way of assessing post-surgery recovery by identifying issues in advance, saving 300+ documented lives




01/2024 - 05/2024

Software Engineer Intern @ GreenLancer

● Saved over $300k annually by migrating containerized data repositories from Docker to Node.js Lambda functions and AWS S3 using API Gateway, increasing scalability and reducing infrastructure management by 60% for faster development ● Used Jira and Agile methodologies to reduce delivery times by 15%, increasing consumer satisfaction and team productivity ● Employed full-stack development through the ASP.NET MVC framework written in C# and HTML to engineer the G-Force Business Process Network, a dynamic management tool for 30+ businesses and customers; Beta version saw $10k+ profit

09/2023 - Current

Quantitative Developer @ Michigan Investment Group

● Led a project team that developed a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) based pairs trading algorithm to trade a 50-stock ETF using 5 years of data. Ran K-means algorithm and ADFuller cointegration tests to create pairs; Used z-scores to trade ● Tested our algorithm on $25k — 13k+ profit while maximizing our Sharpe ratio by minimizing the volatility of profits ● Currently working on an NLP-based sentiment-analysis project to understand the effects of investor opinions on market prices





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